Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In a Man's World

Its’ a Man’s world… I really wonder what made me take that as a name for my blog. I feel it was that generally talking we tend to use this term very often and I thought it would ultimately make me famous (though I’m confident it is never gonna be so).

Well to begin with, who so ever made this statement (I’m still trying to find the originator) was possibly out of his mind or was still living in the dark ages. Who said it’s a Man’s world??? The bloody place is run by male puppets whose strings are in the hands of Women.

I’ll tell you how….

In a place like India, high school education is free for girls unless you happen to be the fourth child in a family. Yes I agree that the social structure of the country is archaic and girl’s education has not been a priority. But this subsidy was valid even in college.

If that wasn’t enough, it came about even in our Engineering College, this time in the form of reservations. For the first time there were 8 girls in the Production engineering class. The whole department had not seen a total of 8 girls till that year.

Ok….now let me not enrage the girls by talking about reservations here. I feel my generation has made its peace that we are going to be subject to social minority status soon. In fact people have never realized the problems we guys face- the number of girls is smaller than guys. So basically, it’s a smaller pool to pick from. “Pick from”, well even the people who make the choice is different now.

And this is coming without some 300 years of slavery or anything of that sort. In fact that reminds me, India has adopted liberal views towards social equality quicker than France or US (The “egal” in the Egalitarian society is French for “equal” and first adopted in the American Declaration of Independence). We have had Women as head of state, Minister and bureaucrats much before anyone else. I believe it is only a submarine, where women are not allowed so far.

Alright so after rambling for so long, I feel its time to finish it off. I really am not sure whose world it is, a Man or a Woman or both. But there is one thing I am not confused about. We all are educated (or so we feel); all we need to do now is to behave in the same way.

(Fish; this is sounding like I have become a social activist or something….koi baat nahi… I’ll start up something a little more amusing next time)