Sunday, May 4, 2008

Super Heroes of the reel life

Superman, Superman……underwear over his pants. So now you know why the super heroes dress different; because basically… they are. And since they are so exclusive, everyone wants to be one.

But that’s so far fetched for the mere mortals like you and me. So what come closest to a superhuman and a mere mortal? Yes; the hero from a film. So after all the slightly controversial statements I made the last time (and I hope they created no controversy), lets talk abut something most of us can be in agreement. Now again the best acts is not something that can have consensus; but worst actors….might just work.

Ok… so who is my object of contempt??? Sunny Deol is my top contender. To being with, yes I have appreciated his roles and acting in his earlier movies like Sunny, Betaab and Arjun. I guess he was tolerable in Tridev (possibly so as the film has worse actors). I feel Ghayal was the turning point where his vocal chords found a natural amplifier whose volume control was a manufacturing defect. I seriously believe so coz no person can shout for 18 years after that.

What has made a mark for him are some of his typical dialogues. “Ye dhai kilo ka haath…”(idiot…if u weight an average 70kgs, your hand can be at least 5% of that…so 3.5 kg ho gaya beta). Add to it his single un-modulated tone …guess that’s why his movies are monotonous.

But his legendary status was glorified by something much more intense…. his greatest offering to the world. How do you crush an ant hill and kill all the ants?? Very simple… follow the “Steps” from “Yaara-o-yaara” from his movie Jeet. I have never seen the kind of efficiency demonstrated as by Sunny Paaji during his ‘Earth shattering’ dance performance.

But on a very frank note, Sunny does all that you expect from a Superhero; that too wearing his briefs under his pants and with no cape. I recently saw one of his exploits from a movie called “Teesri Aankh” (and though the name may suggest, NO-Sunny did not have an extra eye)….a stunning display of strength and ability. He held two bikes by their front tyres in opposing direction, flapped them in the air along with their riders. If that was too much, he pushed a car sideways to crush the bad guys.

Ok, that may sound a little too mild for some Southern Superstar fans. But if you felt the action from Sivaji was an insult to intelligence at times, well Sunny had done a boomerang from a pistol in this one.

I feel we can pick some or the other fault in many actors and write enough about them to make Mahabharat a distant competitor. But now since I’m the Boss out here, I shall give the verdict: 25+ years in the industry, no dancing ability, no acting skills but only a hefty bicep and an over amplified voice…..Sunny Deol…take a bow!!!