Thursday, December 2, 2010


Change- just listening to the word makes the mind evangelizes the dynamics it conveys. It may talk of anything that might be personal, professional or even social- but it always signifies a shift from the status quo.

Change always comes for a reason- why would you like to mend something that is not broken. Change on a personal level is less turbulent. Our own self is aware as to what we trying to achieve. So every step taken is in view of our larger goal making it less self conflicting. This aided with our strong belief that we never err or we are making a decision backed by our conviction results in change implementation.

I came across a psychological analysis which said that if we in our current state with all the variables put together are a 100%, our ability to change is only 15% in total across all variables. This means if I have 10 habits which can be termed as vices, I can achieve 15% change at maximum on only one habit at any give point. Now that is bad news for anyone hoping a big makeover in a short span.

When I hear of change, I can’t help but recall the ‘We can change’ speech by Obama in his presidential campaign in South Carolina. He was referring to a more social change but did quote the following, ‘The change we seek has always required great struggle and great sacrifice…. So let me remind you tonight that change will not be easy. Change will take time. There will be setbacks and false starts and sometimes we'll make mistakes.’

These words possibly paved the way for Obama to the Oval office.

This above mentioned is the most difficult change to implement or even design. If this was the CEO of an organization making a speech, the same words will inspire hope as well as fear in the minds. Unless it is war- struggle and sacrifice is not acceptable, time is a luxuary, and false starts and mistakes will always see someone’s work and life going down the drain.

It is this fear amongst the herd that keeps the corporate world honchos away from talking to their own people. This fear is pretty similar to what most of us felt when told that a tincture of iodine was going to be applied to a wound. But sadly there is something everyone says while applying iodine, ‘there will be no pain…' and though it does, that one statement is a reassurance. It is saying in many ways that it is gonna be ‘we’ who will see this through.

I thereby say that an important part of Change in an organization is the communication regarding the change. We are conditioned to see through pain with a reassuring communication. But in the absence of it, the situation is much like our experiential learning from childhood… it is going to be painful; may be so much that they don’t even want to talk about it.

It is rather surprising that most organizations will rather offer candy perks of mid-term bonus to be happy today rather than talking to their own people convincing them of a stable future. It is like telling someone to eat today, be happy and forget about the tomorrow he might not have enough for food for himself and his family.

Comforting CHANGE huh?????